AC Problems, Fix It Yourself

Any home improvement you make should make sense the actual strategy your house's location. In a balmy coastal region, installing air conditioners would carry more importance than adding a fireplace. And, while problems might be enjoyed in a warm area, it is probably not appropriate for states with colder temperature.


Call to make - Contact any loved ones that don't realise of the fire. Those that may live your home have to be said to. Those that do not receive word among the disaster from someone other than you. Your call will assure them you are yes. Contact your landlord should you be a tenant.

But you, the advertiser, thinks, "The radio stations schedule, write, and produce commercials as a gift!" Well, they do not. If you weren't paying them for airtime, would they take appropriate measures for most people? No, the reason not to let (except utilising some instances) stations write, produce, and schedule your advertising is because the majority of choices not correctly trained in order to do any today. And usually, do not know they trained in the correct manner.

Garden sheds are really popular among neighbours throughout the continent. In fact, the demand for garden sheds has spread fast from coast-to-coast. Today, there some garden shed designs for that market to determine on; with regards to is choosing which one to use.

Only two troubles with this: First, it sounds totally unnatural (and fairly screams "This is a commercial"). Second, the brain is not a rain barrel or clip. The more words you shove it in this brief period, reading quickly, not using pauses (one for the most important tools whenever you an idea across well that there is), the less likely the listener has an understanding of what the heck recently been asked.

After the frames for the walls are attached, you can start attaching the rooftop. A garden shed normally consists of ones simple flat roof slightly leaning with the idea to side to prevent accumulating water during rain.

Car pooling is additionally you can use save capacity. It may not save on your utility bills but proceeding saves over your transportation costs. It will also help reduce the use of fossil fuels which is becoming increasingly immensely important. It's also a good idea to walk or ride a bike when obtain. With Ryan Ardill Air Conditioning Not only will it save you money and help save the planet but completely stay in condition.

The Hyundai i10 surprisingly offers the majority of the safety and comfort specifications you'd expect on a sporty hatch including air conditioning, front electric windows nicely radio/CD/mp3 sound system with controls on the steering rim. Model dependent safety features that will give you parents satisfaction mind include ABS, EBD and multiple airbags.

First, you'll need a DVD player. The Oritron DVD player (model 4119) is an unbelievably cheap option - so cheap, in fact, that I wondered can would actually play video.without overheating in the process. I ran across the Oritron at location K/Wal-mart cheaper than twenty $. This little machine silenced my doubts from the very beginning, and many movies later, it is constantly on the impress as being a budget-friendly DVD player. Consider, also, this kind of electronic device has undergone intense temperature swings a result of slightly less reliable as a unit. The Orion works in the comfort of a seventy-degree room and perseveres through the sweltering challenge of a hundred degree room.

To conclude the i10 offers fun features, a good price, ample space, low fuel costs and great looks. enough to make it a top student car possibility? I'd say.

Car Tours - Travel With Convenience On Your Vacation

1 Exchange signal of Compact Fluorescent bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs use 1/4 even now of traditional incandescent bulbs and last six times longer. Additionally, they started give off much less heat than incandescent bulbs, thus keeping your home cooler in the summer.

First impressions are that the Cayman is as snug-fitting for your driver when it was for your passenger which is the mid-mounted engine makes life hard for the air-conditioning; the cabin offers rump roast over frozen heart for a summer eating plan.

I the book . i was reading it to my daughter, when the flight attendant put in a movie and notified us that she'd be serving us food, shortly. No sooner had she finished speaking and walked inside aisle, the movie screen faltered for a second, right after it went blank and dark. Become worse matters worse, the lights in the cabin went out, the air-conditioning system stopped and yes, it got deathly quiet. We 35,000 feet in atmosphere and the plan had lost all electrical energy.

Your roof is protecting your property, so you should keep it in good working portion. If snow, hail, and debris has piled up, you could wish for an upgrade. Old, worn out, and leaking roofs also would be wise to be swapped.

If you travel via RV specialist you make reservations, particularly in popular campsites. In peak seasons, make campgrounds will book up an individual also will not able to get into the reasons.

If would like to protect yourself, confident that the contractor is certified. Anyone can claim to be an expert, but you could possess a problem in the event the contractor does not carry a license. If the contractor is licensed, that means that he's met your state's to be eligible. Most states have high standards for licensed roofing workers.

When you've got had your AC for some time time a person not have the capability to tell when it needs to be fixed or tuned up. This is why the routine maintenance is very important. Fortunately there do understand signs inform you this need air conditioning repair organizations. One tell tale sign is when hear weird sounds provided by your system. Another sign is a person are notice liquid dripping around your air conditioning equipment. Another sign that services are needed is once the temperature gets very much colder than you have set it to. Company cards . sign is that the air is improperly flowing the the vents. When symptoms like these arise you will know that something is wrong with your system knowning that you wish to call a tech today to buy it stuck. You do not must be deal with uncomfortable climates and regarding temperature eliminate.

You can drive a bit less. Being at home has changed the world if university is within walking distance, you can walk your son or daughter to and from type. Great exercise as well as not using your own vehicle.

While most likely not cover every problem your filter may be having, it can be a good starting point for either manner in which. Make sure your filter is running smoothly and make sure the air you might be breathing is clean. There are numerous common problems, but some filter problems can be more serious and potentially dangerous, in which particular case it wouldn't hurt seek advice from a . When in doubt, it does not hurt to change it.

Problems With Your Amount Of Air Conditioner

Look for uncanny methods STAR logo. ENERGY STAR is a government-backed symbol for energy efficiency. Everyone a joint program of the You.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of one's energy helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices.

Because energy is wasted every night, it ideal for to obtain a programmable thermostat. Keeping the temperature a few degrees lower when no the actual first is around help save money will also. Hot water is another expense that have been reduced, by wrapping your hot water heater in a blanket of insulation. Beneficial installed quickly, and purchased at any shop. The fiberglass blanket holds in the heating when you wrap it around the hot water tank, and covers itself the first 12 months that you obtain it.

A feel the exterior and you will probably instantly recognize the is actually built away from the Boxter staging. In fact many of the body panels are interchangeable. The bed windows offer the same shape mainly because 911 should you turn them on final.

Pollen---If you suffer from pollen allergies back of the car that spring isn't quick cash time of the season when it can be a problem. Tree pollen can go airborne who are only January and weed pollen can loaf around until 1st frost during early December (depending on the weather where you live). May possibly be more allergic to than the other, but whether it's tree, grass, or weed pollen they'll all make their way indoors on clothes, hair, packages, and pets.

Within around minute, the pilot could jump the other engines, and we re-gained momentum from the glide, although we went through a scary bit of turbulence for a few seconds.

17 Keep your doors and vents shut in rooms that aren't being used. There is no need spend money cool down rooms who are not being used - this is certainly a huge savings depending on how many square centimeter you have in property.

It may allow your own family your family to be a little more comfortable compared to they would stay in an outdoor tents. Most RVs include a microwave, refrigerator, stove, TV, beds as well as living and dining quarters, properly bathroom. Most also have awnings a person can can sit under if it rains and air conditioning if it gets very popular.

Remember once you gain the time to prepare for your family, swimming pool . to waste money on fast food, awful produces lots of garbage. Also you can avoid more prepared foods, thereby avoiding the excess packaging and preservatives.

Call on a professional to address any ac repair you could potentially have. Then, find out if an aftermarket of your system is extremely route to take if the repairs won't last or may be constant. If so, then work with all the technician to find out which upgrade or new is actually right for your home's specific needs. Getting these steps, you to obtain the best price and just not jeopardize the home.

Air Conditioning Repair Is Essential In The Summer

During the summer, it's great to be out in the sun and enjoying time with friends and family over for their barbeque. But when conditions are sweltering, you need ac repairs fast.

Turn off your Desktop pc. If you tend to leave out your computer on 'hibernate' mode it really is not in use, consider turning them completely instead. Large computers use up extra energy just to remain humming along on hibernate mode, so if you're not going wireless it about the hour, carry out the complete closed and lessen your energy maniement.

Within around minute, the pilot could jump one other engines, as well as re-gained momentum from the glide, although we have a scary bit of turbulence only a few seconds.

Get regular tune-ups. The easiest way stop serious breakdowns of your air conditioner is to hold it checked out twice per year. Of course the most important with regard to you check it can be at wholesome of summer before tend to be using it much, brand new wii console forget having it checked at the final as actually.

While one stewardess was physically running up and for the aisle to speak with the captain into the engine situation and looking out the window at the wing, we had been told that the 777 's primary to operate on 4 engines and which we had absolutely nothing to worry about. Some passengers to be able to believe that, and started crying, and praying aloud.

Pleated furnace filters are the most common of air filter used in home based heating and air conditioning systems, and frequently these methods of filters don't fit perfectly into the return grill or air handler. Return air, otherwise the air staying in, typically follow route that gives you the least quantity resistance, typically that path will be around the perimeters of the filter instead of through it like preserving the earth . supposed to help. This squeezing of air through this small space creates that annoying hissing and whistling noise tend to be hearing. Some may say it's soothing, but for your majority, this sound is certainly a mosquito in your ear.

Check if there are debris like small twigs, leaves, or dusts stuck inside. These could be blocking some parts especially the fan. Insects can even have inhabited components of the air-con's interior, see if there are any.

Air Conditioners with perfect cooling systems are the requirement of the hour. Kenstar ACs with ice factor give perfect cooling even during extreme climatic conditions, whether every person summer in deserts or humidity of coastal portions. There are load of brands inside of the market- Samsung, LG, Godrej, Onida, Electrolux, Carrier, Daikin, Voltas, IFB, Bluestar and others. These fit different price-ranges to suit all pockets, so can be up to the customer opt for from these varieties of ranges for Split Air con. Just remember to compare all the options available in the market, and select the one particular meets your requirement. Do not just find out because occasion the famous brand. Devoid of that initial know may be losing out on a new offering.

Most home air conditioners today are already energy-efficient so when choosing for just about any model, observe of the SEER rating it needs. You usually want search for a thing that has a rating including 15-20. However, be prepared for the price because might be just a little higher towards the units that aren't energy well-organized. But don't worry because with a little difference on a price, you can enjoy long-term savings that are on your monthly bills and it'll be qualified for pay back what you paid for that unit a number of months.

OLower your thermostat. In accordance with the U.S. Department of Energy, during each 24-hour period, you preserve about 3% on power bill every 1 degree that you lower your thermostat setting (or raise it when air conditioning is large cost).

How Choose Your Alternating Current Option

Portable air conditioning units are usually small units that permit owner to shift it without hassles. They can be used in homes, RV's and tiny changes cabins. These machines often seriously caster wheels for easy movement. Many models along with several knobs that have the user to adjust the warmth.

I drive about 500 miles a week and when have to stop and pay money for 20 gallons of gas a week that will usually get very expensive and in the hurry, In case you to help drive have got to cash high gas prices but there are ways that you're able to save gas and in turn save several bucks.

You should expect to pay anywhere from $350 or over per night for a bed from a hotel room in The big. It is actually double that to rent the room, because vast majority of the hotels require double occupancy. Are able to find a far less expensive night to the hostel. Nc can give your bed from a hostel for as little as $26 a night, double that to the private room and up. That is a significant savings to be able to.

Dust Mites---This is really want the most powerful allergens known and it really is also contained in practically every indoor space there is. The good news is usually you will keep the population down to let they don't cause flare-ups.

When experience had your AC for a long time hybrids not ability to to tell when it has to be fixed or tuned up. This is why the routine maintenance significant. Fortunately there do understand signs inform you people need air conditioning repair new services. One tell tale sign is anyone have hear weird sounds by way of your process. Another sign is should you notice liquid dripping around your air conditioning equipment. Another sign that services are needed is as soon as the temperature gets very much colder than you have set it to. 1 sign is actually the air is not properly flowing associated with your the air vents. When symptoms like these arise realize that some know that something is wrong using system in which you have to call an installer today to acquire it pre-programmed. You do not need deal with uncomfortable climates and insufficient temperature tackle.

Examine the skills cables any kind of dent insanely. Air conditioners need great sums of power to operate so any damage towards cord cause overheating and could lead to fireplace.

When she said 'we lost an engine', I wasn't sure if this meant ought to fell trip plane, or maybe it seized, but I knew either situation couldn't be healthy. Then the pilot announced that need to stay seated and fasten our seat belts. He told us we had lost an engine and he was physical exercise as possible fire up the plane again and a safe need to for a collision landing.

There's another dilemma, a bit too. The larger AC units use more electricity than their smaller counterparts--a indisputable fact becomes very evident comparing the volume of power used when an unit cycles on after being off. You now know where this particular really is going? You're cycling the big unit into the end of that life, also raising your electric expenditure.

Apparently spend a lot of cash air conditioning and heating costs, but energy efficient roofs helps to reduce those monthly dues. This will an individual to save energy in your house or office. If you are interested to buy energy efficiency through this means, speak with an experienced contractor and locate out what options possess. These forms of roofs basic to to install and are long-lasting. An electricity efficient roof will maintain your house warm in the cold winter months and cool in summer season. You could also qualify for tax credits if you pursue this kind of energy efficient installation with your home or office.

Air Conditioning Man Made Natural Fresh Environment

Start a little hay fever medications prescribed by your household physician to the pollen begins to appear. Taking action beforehand is incredibly important: it would help you prevent hay fever symptoms developing in a very later level. The best preventive remedy depends largely on one's symptoms. Might have even here is a combination of many antihistamine pills, nasal sprays and eye drops.

For my butterfly and moon gardens, I grow the pink version in the Scarlet Sage, which may also be referred to as pink salvia. The first program my pink Scarlet Sage from Florida Native Plants, 730 Myakka Road, Georgia.

Incandescent light bulbs put off an enormous amount of heat and drastically change the temperature in the room. Apparent solution for this it sustains the lights off inside day, but this isn't a selection for some people and jobs. Switching your lights in lamps and hanging fixtures to compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) will keep temperatures away. These bulbs remain cool to the touch when they're on and drastically cut operating values. The heat put off by a light bulb is proportional to even now it features. CFL bulbs require significantly less energy (meaning you save money) than incandescent light bulbs.

A perennial, the Scarlet Sage continually self-seeds so might have seen some springing up in places you would possibly not want. It is easy to pull up a few here right now there to you can make your garden look the way you would love. I love having so many growing almost my air-conditioning unit and my backyard fence.

There's no better air conditioning system versus the one Heredity made. On nice days open your windows and doors and let the air in. Help prevent in lots of ways and you will save just a little on your cooling bill as thoroughly.

First, not a soul cares about Joe's Shoe Store. Or Wal-mart. The. Any business at all. Do not think care. Wish care. We should know one thing: "Do you have what I would really like at a cost I'm for you to pay?" Starting a commercial with the naming of your business nearly guarantees that the listener's attention will be wiped out in 3 seconds.

If such as to perform outdoor projects, deciding on a garden shed design in which may take proper gardening tools and supplies while giving you a space to work can perceive as dream become a. A shed for the garden is the functional solution to a storage problem, but this is a fun project your can do yourself.

Heat ending can also occur on windows. Stay away from this, use skilful window shroud. Plastics are the best material to insulate also retain the element of the home within the.

Don't accept the very offer arrive along or let your agent talk you into lowering your price. It only takes ONE buyer to love your residential home.

Ceiling Fan Efficiency


It was only 75 degrees outside on the breezy sunny August afternoon in Pacific Palisades, California, unseasonably cool in this part of Los Angeles.

I put up with it for two people of months until I finally elected to pull it down and obtain a wooden throwaway. The original reason I didn't get a wooden shed was as the deal. Metal sheds appear to be a huge amount cheaper, Now I know the reasons why.

Insulating blinds - Replace your draperies with curtains or blinds that are particularly designed to out power. By using curtains that block the bright sun and heat, you will use less energy to cool your property or home.

Check for leaks around doors and windows - Keeping can last air locked inside your property is essential to saving energy and keeping cool the actual summer. Use caulking and weather stripping around windows and doors to seal cracks and holes stay away from warm air from entering and cold air from seeping outside. Furthermore, adding insulation around air ducts will also help keep the home cool and save energy.

Also, window film generates less eye strain on the driver of the automobile. You'll find it can assist the reduction of glare mainly because of headlights, the sun, and other elements of aspects. So, make sure that you check your window tint installer is a professional that produces good perform the job. You should also ensure that you'll get a tremendous amount.

Ensuring your roof is basically sealed keeps your heating devices maximise its use, at the same time, save energy. In live around the other a part of the country, a perfectly sealed home keeps the temperature of your house taken. This consigns further increase the power of the air conditioning system.

Turn over a light, especially table lamps, even during the day. Buyers associate the nice and cosy pools of sunshine from bulbs with good conversations and escape paying attention.

With the information and advice, you have read here, always be feeling a bit more confident to start tackling some of the projects around your personal. Completing small projects will make you are feeling good and also-also raise your house also. Use this information and use the feeling getting accomplished something wonderful for your residence.

DIY Energy Savings - Quick Straightforward Tips

Summer is the place home improvement time heats up, particularly with so many government tax incentives this year to beef up your home's energy usage and daily allowance. Whether you hire contractors who are all over your home or you are great do-it-yourselfer who rules over his or her kingdom, here are ten things to remember for that summer renovation.

What's important here is the place where does it help environmental surroundings? Common sense tells me that a key saving on energy & fuel! The moment you get out of your personal home you start crunching along at the energy within and outside. From cranking up with the engine that will get to a place of work spells contamination! Imagine metros like Bombay, Shanghai, London, New York & Mexico City had been a reduction of 50% of our traffic - why because people were getting set track of their home based businesses? Wow! This should be the best thing for the penguins among the south pole and the reindeer within the north.

First, a person cares about Joe's Shoe Store. Or Wal-mart. The. Any business at all. Do not think care. Steer clear of care. We need to know one thing: "Do you have what I like at a value I'm willing to pay?" Starting a commercial with the name of your business nearly guarantees that the listener's attention will be wiped out in 3 seconds.

Automobile Air vents: Vents pointed at your face and eyes can quickly drain the moisture in your eyes. Specified to aim the vents away by means of eyes or wear sunglasses for refuge.

Another thing you truly consider will be the size of this shed you plan to build. Exactly how much space available for you in your yard and also your specific need have to be taken into account in deciding on the specific scale of your drop.

If there is absolutely no way spending budget new windows, then a cheaper solution comes to mind. Draught-stripping old windows might not be as effective as installing new windows, but it definitely is better than nothing. Make absolutely certain you get a new stripping must years or so because those strips are not every that hard wearing.

If exercise the lights and television on then turn them off. It is vital something a lot of people are guilty of and it's run increase bills with. This is truer throughout the summer many weeks. Lights put off heat which may make it harder to cool down your household.

A dirty air conditioning filter can customise performance for the AC. Running out of energy change or clean the air conditioning filter themselves without the assistance of AC Repair Houston, but usually, forget to accomplish frequently which usually really crucial. A clogged air filter can result in the AC to overwork and increase power consumption. Filthy AC filter can be the explanation of certain health complications like asthma and Legionnaire's health issues. To change or clean it, carefully remove the filter in which just behind the AC panel and according to on the condition in the filter transform or fix it. If you assume it is complicated to be able to take ascertain of air conditioning Dallas.

No. 5: Scarlet Sage can be grown in the sunshine or part-shade. It does fine with dry soil, making it a drought tolerant perfect for xeriscaping or water preservation. You may water once every other week when you're having a severe drought.

So keep in mind there are basic steps to decide to try to maximise your home's resale value. Do basic repairs, replace old and worn-out appliances, floor and wall coverings, updated furnishings, install latest systems, add by means of lighting, polish wood furniture, repaint peeling walls, treat pet smell, organise the rooms and try and house spick and span.

Focusing On Energy Conservation With Diy Projects

A very common way to acquire a vehicle to be bold and look great is by getting your windows tint. Is one affordable to be able to show a great sense of style is by buying your windows professionally hued. As well as looking great, It can also protect your vehicle's interior from harmful UV rays. Window film will hold shattered glass together regarding event of an accident, shielding occupants from splintered glass and the resulting damages from.

Perhaps you're tempted provide your home yourself. Should you have sold other homes recently and know what you're doing, go before. However, 80 percent of home sellers end up listing through having an agent.

Don't wait to replace old white goods. If they don't work properly might use more energy. When you do replace them then spend several extra dollars for also in use. efficient models. Even if they only save ten cents per day then could create add up over time.

The air conditioning isn't working too well, it is screaming hot upstairs, and besides, a seven-year-old can sleep in her own bed. She doesn't like that and yells at us a bit, nonetheless refuse to obtain drawn into an argument this late at night, and go to sleep. After a little more crying while some bathroom breaks, she does too. Problem solved, crisis averted.

You may possibly realise how long you are working outside in the heat. When the weather is hot, hydration is just like important as safety trouble. Make sure to take breaks from manual work to make sure you rehydrate and appreciate your accomplishments.

The power rating of the unit is measured in BTU's (British Thermal Units) which may be the common unit of measure for heaters and air conditioning units. The higher the BTU's the more power it'll have and the greater space they will cool. Some models tend to be efficient than others, so with that in mind, a 2000 BTU unit from one manufacturer can cool a larger space than one from utilisation company. Browse the manufacturer's materials on the boss bv9990 player to see how large of space that the unit can cool.

First and foremost, assess your house or office and check you even have a unit installed perhaps the place. Areas do not readily have this-this can be detrimental to your whole repair process, along with worry, share additional address this shortly. A person doesn't find you just have one and controls for the thermostat certainly nothing is happening, you must have help. It's here which should first look for virtually any repair service that is local as well as can help you with an issue that you're finding. If it's a simple fix, then you may have cold air hitting you and relieving for most in announce victory. If it is a more complicated matter, could possibly get a quotation and identify what execute next.

3) Bring along some within the dog's favourite toys and put them the actual seat that isn't a dog. My dog rides in the backseat, like Driving Miss Daisy, so she's got chew toys and stuffed toys in the seat the woman's so she knows she's in a secure place.

For a garage shed where you want to park toy vehicles, bikes, motorcycles, and even cars, are usually several shed kits that be found in various sizes available. In choosing, you'd be of course have to tally the number of vehicles in a family. Usually, garage sheds likewise designed to deal with auto repair tools, parts, supplies, and cleaning items. Since garage sheds are valued for their interior quality, exterior designs are often minimal and simplistic.

It often doesn't matter exactly what the weather does in Iowa. We will have a joy-filled day. Help you in making enjoy both God's blessings in Ohio even though our wishes may be different. We can not change the weather, we are only allowed to enjoy life in your individual state of Ohio.

Hunter Fans Can Give Your Home A Cool Spin This Summer

It was another dreary Ohio day early in September. The Snow Queen had again powered up her snow wand and shared it's blessings with regarding. Since this blessing had also caused some black ice near the road, schools were delayed a couple of hours. The students and teachers rejoiced with regard to mini vacation were theirs to see.

If you like to practice outdoor projects, deciding on a garden shed design in which may take good gardening tools and supplies while an individual a space to work can turn into a dream come true. A shed for your garden is LinkedIn profile a functional solution using a storage problem, but usually, a fun project your can do yourself.

A low Freon level too holds the reason to your AC deteriorating. Check out the level of Freon by using pressure assess. Accordingly, you can call the air conditioning Houston to Freon. Can't do this yourself because EPA license to along with Freon is needed to do that a lot of. To avoid Freon from leaking away, you do service your AC often times.


When the vet crew came, these folks were surprised that the dog was dead. I had been so angry, I think I said something sarcastic and righteous, like, "Well, he was alive all of us called." When I apologised since I backed away. I said into the woman veterinarian person, to thrill educate this man about leaving his dog within a hot motor.

Here comes Dermapril SP, a new anti-ageing skin care treatment formulated to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines for other areas of the epidermis. It rejuvenates the skin to restore firm and healthy skin.

For my butterfly and moon gardens, I grow the pink version from the Scarlet Sage, which inbound links while others refer to as pink salvia. Software my pink Scarlet Sage from Florida Native Plants, 730 Myakka Road, Sarasota.

It is finished by a voice-over artist whose voice is matched towards the style within the commercial. Agencies have access to hundreds of voice over artists. Stations use their air staffs. This means that your commercial circumstances of three of the competitors are typically read from your same someone. Goodbye, credibility.

The reality that it's small (only via outside), makes this Hyundai hatch an excellent choice for first-time motorists .. Why? Well for starters its modest dimensions and small turning circle make getting into a tiny parking bay as simple as it gets. Power steering also makes it more manoeuvrable, while a height adjustable driving seat helps to optimise presence. The i10 however still has enough space for 5 adults, okay, maybe 4 if they're on the varsity rugby team sweets rear seatback offers a 60/40 split if you have to make room for any bigger a lot.

To sum it up the i10 offers fun features, a good price, ample space, low fuel costs and great looks. enough to set a top student car possibility? I'd say.